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Selling Tickets


All tickets will be available for purchase via our online system - Send your ticket buyers to our site and avoid carrying tickets and cash with you!

No more cash only sales! Ticket buyers can pay with a credit card through the online ordering system.

All you have to do is give us your event info and promote your event...we'll take care of the rest!

In addition to online buying, tickets can be purchased in the Center for Student Involvement (UWY 107). This allows for cash and check as a payment option for ticket buyers.

Throw away your spreadsheets! We can provide up-to-date ticket sale information and reporting with just a few clicks!

Want an electronic ticket? We can do that! Want to use your own printed tickets? We can do that! Don't want any tickets? We can do that! Catch our drift?


We can sell tickets for almost any event - concerts, speakers, banquets, etc. We can even sell subsidized/discounted tickets for local events and services (i.e. movie tickets, zoo tickets, etc.). We will only sell tickets on behalf of a UW Tacoma student organization or department. We will not sell tickets on behalf of local businesses or other organizations.

Tickets with a Cost: Most often, tickets have a cost that is associated to purchase them. This means that a customer must pay for the ticket. This is most common situation that we work with.

Free Tickets: In addition to tickets that have a cost, we can sell tickets for free events where no cost is associated with obtaining a ticket. This is a great option for free events that have a maximum number of attendees and/or would like to collect an RSVP list.

Selling Items Other Than Tickets: If you have items other than tickets (i.e. sponsored trip, apparel, etc.) that you would like to sell, please email us at to discuss the possible option of using UWTtickets for that purpose. We may be able to help!


We have a variety of ticket and ticket pick-up options available.

  • E-Ticket: An electronic ticket that the buyer is sent via email. It contains the event information and can be printed or viewed on a mobile device.
  • Your Own Ticket: If you have your own printed tickets that you want to use, we can make those available for pick-up from the Center for Student Involvement (or other location).
  • No Ticket: If your event doesn't have/need tickets, then we can use a "no ticket" option. We can provide a list of ticket purchasers for you to cross-reference at the door of your event, if needed.


We can do the following when using UWTtickets:

  • Collect custom information from purchasers (ie. name, dietary needs, ask a question, etc.)
  • Set limits to tickets sold based on user types: students, faculty/staff or general public
  • Sell tickets to a select group of people
  • Create discount codes for specific events
  • Provide reports on number of tickets sold/remaining
  • Provide reservation lists (w/ custom information included)


All tickets sold through UWTTickets are subject to a per-ticket admin fee. This surcharge covers the cost of system fees, including service and credit card fees. The fee cost structure is built by adding $1 to the fee based on increments of $10.00 ticket price, starting with $2.00 as the minimum surcharge. For example:

  • Tickets priced $0.01 to $9.99 will have a $2 per ticket admin fee assessed. (ex. a $5.00 ticket will result in $3.00 of revenue)
  • Tickets priced $10.00 to $19.99 will have a $3 per ticket admin fee assessed. (ex. a $15.00 ticket will result in $12.00 of revenue

The admin fee is non-negotiable. Your prices will be displayed on the website with the fee included - we will not display the fee as separate from the ticket price. We encourage you to promote your event with the ticket prices that include the fee, as to avoid confusion on a buyer's end.


If you're ready to sell your tickets, follow the steps below. All requests are due a minimum of two weeks before the start of ticket sales.

  1. Review our Policies & Information - Please review our policies and information on this page prior to submitting a request. This will help you to prepare all information needed for the request, as well as answer a variety of questions that you may have.

  2. Complete Online Sale Request Form - When you ready to submit a request for sales, please complete the online sale request form on DawgDen. Please be prepared to provide as much detail about your event/tickets/sales as possible. Please complete this form at least two weeks in advance of the start of your sales. If you have any questions, we will contact the requester. You will receive confirmation from our office when everything is completely setup.

  3. Promote and Advertise Your Event - It's time to sell! Your event and sales will show on UWTtickets, but the rest is up to you! Don't forget that we encourage you to advertise your ticket prices as including the admin fee; otherwise, it will be confusing for ticket buyers as to why their ticket costs more when they are ready to purchase.

  4. Collect Your Revenue - Once your sales have finished, our office will reconcile all revenue. This process can take 1-2 weeks to complete. We offer two options for revenue disbursement: 1) UW Budget or 2) check for student organizations. For registered student organizations, we will only issue a check in the name of the organization. We will not issue a check to an individual person. This means that the RSO must have a bank account or the means to cash a check in the name of their organization.


The Center for Student Involvement reserves the right to deny any ticket sales requests. If this occurs, it will be communicated directly with the requester.


Once ready in the system, your tickets will be available for purchase during the dates you specify on your request form. The website for you to advertise and direct buyers to is General public (non-UW Tacoma) users will be asked to create a login. UW Tacoma students and faculty/staff will be able to login with their UW NetID and will be asked to complete some minor profile information.

If you have buyers that need to pay by cash or check, please direct them to the Center for Student Involvement (UWY 107). Our office hours can be found here.


We have created several images that advertise UWTTickets as the purchasing location for your tickets. Events selling tickets through our system are welcome to use these logos on their posters, flyers, emails, etc.

Additionally, we encourage you to consider advertising your events on the campus television screens, through the Husky 411 weekly email and on social media. More information about these processes and requests can be found on the UW Tacoma Center for Student Involvement website.


The revenue collected from ticket sales can be deposited directly into a UW Budget or provided as a check. By default, all revenue from sales is provided to the hosting organization after all sales have ended. Our office needs time to reconcile all transactions after sales have ended.

For Registered Student Organizations, all revenue will be provided in the form of a check in the name of the organization. We will not provide a check to an individual for sales revenue. This means that the RSO must have a way to deposit a check in the name of the organization (i.e. an organization bank account).

Questions? Email